Stylish/Animated Demo and Download Button । HTML and CSS button For Blog Post

Add A stylish and animated button
Add A stylish and animated button 

How to add a custom button in blog Post/Website?

✓ If you are experiencing this problem then this post is very important for you.

Today Antiblog  going to show you and teach you how to add download and demo button to your blog site or web site.

The button I am about to add to your website, what will it look like And How?

✓ It should look like this
See Demo Click Here

How to add demo and download button?

Adding CSS 
Adding HTML

How to add button CSS in blog post?

Adding CSS

✓ Step 1 : log into 

✓ Step 2 : Go to theme option (left side of blogger)

Demo and download button for blogger
Go to theme option

✓ Step 3 : click on customize

Demo and download button for blogger
Click on customise

✓ Step 4 : Find Add CSS menu Form Advance Options

Demo download button
Find Add CSS

✓ Step 5 : Now paste the following CSS code here

How to add button HTML in blog post?

Adding HTML

✓ Step 1 : Log into 

✓ Step 2 : Go to page or post(Where this stylish button would like to add)

✓ Step 3 : Click on HTML right side of compass

Click on HTML
✓ Step 4 : Paste the HTML  ( Given below)  code where you want to add the button to the specified location.

✓ Step 5 : Now customise your button name and icon and colour(How to customise?)

Now let's enjoy your style button 

 Let us know if there is any problem or problem while adding the button or if you need any customization.

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